About Your Transition is a boutique management consulting and training business working in partnership to design and implement strategy. We provide an independent management consultancy and project and program management services, with solid experience in helping businesses deliver change successfully. We have successfully assisted many organisations operate, review and change their businesses using proven internationally recognised techniques. About Your Transition is based in Brisbane, Australia and travels nationally and internationally to deliver value for our clients.

Elissa really ensured that we got to the core of the issue and created a plan for action that fitted with our overall strategy
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Change Management

It is the effective people change in projects that will lead to benefits being achieved. About Your Transition works with organisations to identify opportunities for business growth. Read More

Portfolio, Programs & Projects

Delivering and embedding new strategy successfully takes experience, technical expertise and people skills. About Your Transition brings extensive experience to managing portfolio... Read More

Training & Capability

Change will only be successful with a clear plan, strong sponsorship and a talented implementation team. About Your Transition provide capability and learning services to increase the ability... Read More

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Team building that lasts

Elissa Farrow provides concepts for leaders to consider in forming teams. Team forming is not a single act at a single event but needs a dedicated team roadmap that is reinforced over a period of time through varying activities and support strategies.,, Watch video

Reducing staff resistance to change

Elissa Farrow provides leaders with some key pointers in what resistance might look like, what some of the causes of resistance are and how to best support staff going through change. Leaders need to adapt to the change first so therefore they need to be able to handle the change well themselves before supporting others. .... Watch video

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